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8 thoughts on “Shop Now!

  1. Sandra Glenn says:

    Dear Dr. Jen,
    I am ashamed to admit that I get a pedicure starting in May-September 🙂 Today when I went to the salon, my manicurist made a comment that my heels were soft and in good shape. She wanted to know what was I using. I told her that I received a sample of Fissure King. So if you get an order from Channings Salon, you’ll know why. LOL. Thank you for sending me a sample. As soon as I can I’ll be ordering another one. Love the product!!! Sandra Glenn

  2. Holly Hayes says:

    I bought some of your products about five years ago. I assume that they have expired by now? I don’t see a beat by date.


    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      Absolutely. In fact, ANY products you bought from any company five years ago have expired.

  3. Michelle says:

    What should I use to get rid of fine lines on my forehead??

    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      Reclaiming My Time Serum!

  4. Linda Corell says:

    Wow! I just got my products yesterday…they were SUPPOSED to be a gift…but I’m gifting them to myself! Everything is amazing and of such great quality! Thank you for your thoughtful attention to detail! My friend Kamala recommended you to support small business’s during the holidays and I’m so thankful she did. Getting ready to do some more shopping!

  5. Michael says:

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    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      I don’t test on animals, so I’m sure you’re not interested in sourcing my products. Stop spamming my page.

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