Feel the Bern


All proceeds go to Bernie’s Campaign!

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  1. Deana Pendragon

    This lipstick makes me feel like a Democratic Socialist Super Hero! Bern Baby! Bern!

  2. Kate Ribera

    In LOOOOOVE!!! I needed a new red lipstick and this color was added just in time! I’m going to be wearing this every day now! Can’t wait for people to ask what color I’m wearing so I can say feel the bern!!

  3. Siobhan Devaney (verified owner)

    A beautiful clear orangey red and fantastic wear!!!!!! Dunno how to upload on the FB but I shall overcome! 😀

  4. Victoria W. (verified owner)

    Living for this shade. I’ll be wearing it tomorrow with one of my cosplays at WonderCon! I hope people ask what shade of lipstick I’m wearing!

  5. Sarah (verified owner)

    Feel the Bern was a bit more orangey than I was expecting, but the quality is fantastic! Moisturizing, but with hours-long wear!!! I’ll definitely be buying more shades in the future. Like most here, I’m really hoping someone will ask what shade I am wearing 😀

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