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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions .75 × .75 × 4 in


  1. LisaF1163

    This beautiful color is a perfect neutral nude. It’s a little deeper than it looks in the picture – it almost looks very similar to “Brownie” by Bobbi Brown (a pinky brown), only without all the toxins! It’s so pretty – it’s just the nicest neutral lip without:

    1. Making me look washed out.
    2. Going too dark.
    3. Just blending right in to my regular lip color, so that it doesn’t show any color at all.

    (My three pet peeves about “neutral” or “nude” lip colors, by the way!) It’s a great shade for almost any skin tone, I’d think!

  2. Jetta’Mae Carlisle

    Dr. Jen I am blown away by everything about this color and about the wearability!!! It felt like wasn’t wearing anything and there was no icky lipstick taste! And the COLOR holy crap, I love it!!!!! I am excited to start collect more colors!!

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