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Masks made simple: mix, stir, and slather!

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My Mix Your Own face masks are my solution to the irritating preservative issue-previously, when I sold pre-mixed masks, in order to prevent bacterial/fungal/mold growth, especially if I was using clays, I had to use a pretty strong preservative, which tends to be pretty irritating to skin. Needless to say, having an irritant in a mask meant to be used with steam to open pores was not acceptable, so I set about trying to come up with a way to bring you folks the awesome of my masks without the stinging and burning. My solution was to package the dry and wet ingredients separately, so that when you were ready to use them, you could just add the contents of both tubes to a bowl, mix, and cover your face, neck and decolletage. Leave on for ~10 minutes, preferably in the shower or with steam to open pores and give the actives deeper access, and then rinse. Your skin will look and feel amazing!

There are four types of masks I’m offering: one for dry/aging skin; one for oily/combination skin; one for sensitive skin; and a custom mask option, where I create a mask specifically for whatever skin issue you are dealing with. Please make sure to either leave a note at checkout about what you need or email me at drbadjen@xerionskinscience.com about it if you choose this option.

DRY/AGING MASK: Contains French green clay, organic goat milk powder, hydrolyzed collagen powder, and a blend of niacinamide, panthenol, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B6 in the dry ingredients; with plankton extract, a polysaccharide blend for firming skin, and pumpkin seed extract, along with evening primrose and pomegranate seed oils in the wet ingredients. The water is coconut water.

OILY/COMBINATION MASK: Contains Fuller’s Earth clay, activated charcoal and L-carnitine in the dry ingredients, along with aloe vera juice, a blend of botanical extracts specifically for oily skin, and the magical ingredient from the Mattifying line that reduces skin’s sebum production in the wet ingredients. Water is coconut water.

SENSITIVE SKIN MASK: Contains ivory and kaolin clays in the dry ingredients; aloe juice, plantain extract, and white tea extract, and bisabolol in the wet ingredients. Water is coconut water.

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  1. Sadee Whip

    I woke up this morning looking haggard. I had a couple of cocktails last night, stayed up too late, and didn’t drink enough water. I’ve also been sleep-deprived from crazy insomnia the last coupe of weeks. None of this is good for skin and plus I’m 49.
    I remembered I had this face mask so decided to try it for the first time. I mixed it up then slathered it on. I waited until it dried, rinsed, and WOW! I cannot believe how much firmer and glowing my skin is! It’s like night and day! LOVE.

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