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52 thoughts on “Shop Now!

  1. Sandra Glenn says:

    Dear Dr. Jen,
    I am ashamed to admit that I get a pedicure starting in May-September 🙂 Today when I went to the salon, my manicurist made a comment that my heels were soft and in good shape. She wanted to know what was I using. I told her that I received a sample of Fissure King. So if you get an order from Channings Salon, you’ll know why. LOL. Thank you for sending me a sample. As soon as I can I’ll be ordering another one. Love the product!!! Sandra Glenn

  2. Holly Hayes says:

    I bought some of your products about five years ago. I assume that they have expired by now? I don’t see a beat by date.


    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      Absolutely. In fact, ANY products you bought from any company five years ago have expired.

  3. Michelle says:

    What should I use to get rid of fine lines on my forehead??

    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      Reclaiming My Time Serum!

  4. Linda Corell says:

    Wow! I just got my products yesterday…they were SUPPOSED to be a gift…but I’m gifting them to myself! Everything is amazing and of such great quality! Thank you for your thoughtful attention to detail! My friend Kamala recommended you to support small business’s during the holidays and I’m so thankful she did. Getting ready to do some more shopping!

  5. Michael says:

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    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      I don’t test on animals, so I’m sure you’re not interested in sourcing my products. Stop spamming my page.

  6. Kerry Sowers says:

    Do you have anything for age spots?
    I couldn’t find anything on you website. Thanks for your help. My hair dresser recommended your products to me.

    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      I don’t create products for hyperpigmentation because getting rid of it requires several products, a chemical peel, and religious avoidance of the sun, and even then they don’t really go away. Your best bet is to go to a dr who can treat them with other procedures.

  7. jill says:

    hi! I don’t see your ingredients listed on any of the pages of products. On my search for healthy makeup/ skincare I love to research all the ingredients. thank you.

    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      Ingredients are listed, though sometimes you need to click on one of the tabs to see them. Otherwise, if you have questions, simply message me at drbadjen@xerionskinscience.com.

  8. Amy Draper says:

    I bought the fizzure cream and the shimmer sunblock. My feet are brand new after only 2 uses! I wear the shimmer sunblock everyday just because it’s so beautiful! I can’t wait to get my next order, I’m addicted!

  9. Nico Lyons says:

    I am a loyal and dedicated fan. When I moved to the states, I found that my skin, that wasn’t even a problem in my teen years had gone haywire. Since using Xerion, everything, my skin is back to normal and happy. I specifically want to call out the Tattoo Healing cream. I’ve healed two tattoos with it, now. It’s the best! – Delilah

  10. Debbie says:

    I’m super blonde, like I resemble those Benetton ads from the 80’s. I need a brown mascara and a light brown brow powder … what from your lines will work for me?

    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      I don’t make or sell mascara, but I can tell you that the formula for all mascaras is basically the same, and it’s really the brush that makes a difference, so go get yourself some Great Lash! For brows, I’d say Smokin Taupe eyeshadow will be your best bet.

  11. Rebecca says:

    Hi. Dr. Jen. I was getting ready to make my first purchase of the Reclaim My Time and I saw fragrance on the ingredient list. As a breast cancer survivor I try to avoid fragrances, but I know you try to use the safest ingredients. Can you tell me more about it? Thanks!!

    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      Everything comes with a fragrance free option for that very reason. Simply select ‘fragrance free’ from the drop-down menu. Good on you for being wary of fragrances as a cancer survivor!

  12. Pollyann says:

    I heard about your products from a gal on a forum I posted looking for under eye cream to reduce wrinkles, bags,tiredness in general. Do you offer any samples? I see a pink container eye cream and one other but not sure which is best as they both have similar descriptions: )

    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      Hi! Try my New 20 eye cream! It works on puffiness, sagging, and wrinkles. And yes, I have regular and sample sizes.

  13. David says:

    Maybe I am blind, but I do not see where it says how long it takes to arrive for Amy of your shopping options.

    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      Hi David! I ship via USPS Priority Mail, which is 2-3 day shipping. There is sometimes a processing time, since I make everything I sell, but I just printed your order, and I have both of those in stock, so it should ship either tomorrow or Monday.

  14. Katie says:

    My super sensitive skin is allergic to EVERYTHING under the sun, which is why I’ve been using Atomic Cosmetic’s translucent setting powder since my late 20’s. However, now that I’m a tad older with a few more flaws to camouflage, I’d like to try a tinted version of the same powder. But I live halfway across the country and have no way of trying out colors to see which works best for my skin tone and was wondering if you offered samples of any kind.
    I plan on continuing to use the translucent powder so I’d even be willing to put in another order for that soon if you’d be willing to provide me with a sample or two of your other colors.

    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      Hi Katie! If you send me a photo either to the FB page or my email at drbadjen@xerionskinscience.com, I will help you pick a shade!

      1. Katie says:

        Hey Dr. Jen
        About a week ago I sent you a picture per your above request and haven’t heard anything back.
        Thought maybe I sent the wrong email address here so I’m trying to get in touch again.

  15. Jeremy Latham Davies says:

    Hi Dr. Jen –

    I’ve wanted to purchase some more products from you, but I am hesitant to do so because your site is not secure. I have tried emailing about this but haven’t heard anything back. Are you able to contact your web host about getting your website secured? I love your amazing products and want to continue supporting your business but also don’t want my personally identifiable information compromised.

    Wishing you wellness, prosperity, and joy in these chaotic times
    – Sister Rita Booke
    Protector of the Iliterate

    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      We’ve crossed all the ts and dotted all the is, and nothing has changed the ‘not secure’ standing. Even the help desk doesn’t know what to tell me. You should be fine to order, at least that’s what I’ve been told. Paypal is my payment processor, and they are secure, and my site never has access to any of your payment info. But if you aren’t comfortable, I totally understand.

      1. Sister Rita Booke says:

        Thank you, Dr. Jen!

        – Sister Rita

        1. Cherrish says:

          If your web browser isn’t automatically taking you to the secure website, type https:// in front of the web address and if there is a secure website available, it’ll take you there. Here is the link for Dr. Jen’s secure website:

  16. Embarrassedaboutbreakouts says:

    I got the zit zapper pimple spot treatment because I get breakouts aggressively when it’s my lady time and the occasional painful boil. I’ve tried all sorts of stuff varying in price, but nothing really helped. I got this serum and put it on half my face to see if it actually helped. It did. I died lol. So at that time I also had a big boil on my inner thigh and I’m like eh why not so I used the gel on that as well. Next day it’s nearly gone and I’m soooo happy. Nothing ever helps the boils.

  17. Brenda Wright says:

    Hi, Dr. Jen. I just have to let you know how fabulous your lip balm is! I’ve never felt anything like it. My lips were soft and smooth the second I put it on. For me that’s a miracle. And my lips stayed smooth for a full 12 hours from just one application.
    Did I say FABULOUS? Let me say it again. FABULOUS!!!!!!

  18. Elizabeth Ivy says:

    Hey, Dr Jen…I got my order a couple weeks ago, and I thank you for the samples and the email. Since I know getting emails through your site has been a bit boogery, I thought I’d put my glowing review of your products here so others could see. I gave the chai tea lip balm and gold glitter to a coworker because I’m not a fan of chai and I’m a wrinkly ol bitch. Glitter just highlights my nearing death even more. My coworker’s teen daughter used the glitter for a zoom makeup party with her friends; my coworker kept the balm for herself. Needless to say, you should be getting some orders from some very happy moms soon! The No Baggage eye gel is light and absorbs beautifully, but it seems to have a fragrance which made my overly allergic eyes kind of itchy. Not to worry! The eye gel is saving my bacon in another way…

    Onto the products I ordered – Optimus Primer and Setting Powder. I wear an N95 mask about 8 hours a day for work. This tends to leave my face feeling like Steve Bannon’s face looks – pustulate, puffy, and pathetic. But after applying a layer of Optimus Primer to my face (and the No Baggage to my chapped nose!), my face now feels like Ruth Bader Ginsburg baptized it with a scientifically-tested, peer-reviewed COVID-19 vaccine AND sentenced the Trump family to hard labor massaging Putin’s ass bunions. In a word, relieved. For those who are wearing masks — YOU SHOULD BE WEARING YOUR DAMN MASKS!!!! — do apply Optimus Primer to prevent chapping and irritation. It does not appear to affect the integrity of the mask, and it lasts for several hours. I used the setting powder on my eyelids and undereye area, as all eye makeup on me tends to become chin makeup in an hour. This preserved my “Embrace the Darkness” daily eye look so that I can still glower and judge others above my mask while staying fresh as a daisy! Thank you, Dr Jen, for helping me stay lovely during ugly times. Everyone stay safe, buy Optimus Primer, and WEAR THAT GODDAMN MASK!

    PS: If you take suggestions, what about a fair-to-light SPF face powder, like a certain beauty company that rhymes with “fart” makes? They make the only shade that works for living corpses like me. Yeah, I may be dead inside, but I don’t need face cancer. That’s just gross.

    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      BEST.REVIEW.EVER. I am going to pass this along to the FB page so other people will know of the magic of Optimus Primer! Re: your request for an spf powder-those are actually SUPER dangerous, as your lungs do not enjoy having metal oxide particles in them. Please don’t use a powder sunscreen. My mom voice is ready though. 😉

  19. Cathy Fleming says:

    My daughter gave me the Fissure King moisture cream for Christmas. She knows love your products!
    Can you help me know the best way to melt the cream so I can use it? It is rock hard.

    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      Warm it in your hands a bit and it will spread better. It needs to be super thick to stay put on cracked skin. You can also mix it with some body butter or lotion if you get desperate.

  20. Roshella Burkholder says:

    My face is very pink, but not irratated, with small red veins that show. I am currently using your Formulators Choice serum, and love it! But is there anything else I could be using to help that? My skin is also very dull.

    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      Skin Zen face wash, any of my toners, and an eye product of some kind. For the dullness, exfoliation will help. My Five Fruit face wash is exfoliating, and really wonderful. If you need more moisture on top of your Formulator’s Choice Serum, use Skin Zen Night Cream. Since you are dealing with pinkness in your skin, you want to use anti-inflammatory products to reduce that coloring, which is why I’m recommending Skin Zen products. The focus of that line is anti-inflammatory activity.

  21. Heather Mink says:

    How long does shipping typically take?

    Thanks (:

    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      We just moved the lab, so orders are taking a bit longer than the usual two weeks. Please be patient, we are getting everything set up as fast as we can. We shipped an order and made a test batch of lotion today, so now we can gear up for more production. 🙂

      1. Heather Mink says:

        No worries. I work a 8-5 so I want to make sure someone’s home so it doesn’t get stolen! (: thank you for the response.

  22. Cheryl Willard says:

    Hi Jen,
    First time buyer so just trying to reach out a different way about an order that I placed on May 3 and have not received replies about when the order might ship.
    Could you let me know how long a typical order takes to be received?

    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      Hi Cheryl! It usually takes 1-2 weeks for orders to ship, but last month, we moved the lab, and had to set it back up, so things have slowed down. I just checked the orders, and it looks like yours in boxed for shipping, so it should ship on Monday. I’m so sorry for the delay.

      1. Cheryl Willard says:

        Thank you so much! Will I get an email with shipping confirmation and/or tracking? 🙂

        1. Jen Dietrich says:

          Yes! Since it’s auto-generated by the shipping program, sometimes it ends up in your spam folder, so keep an eye out.

          1. Cheryl says:

            Got it in the mail today and did get the shipping info!!! Thank you so so very much I’m so excited!

  23. Mara Koch says:

    Hi Jen, I’m a first time buyer and haven’t received any emails about my order from the first week in June. Just now checked spam but didn’t see anything. I was charged for it, so I hope it went through. I know you moved your lab and are getting caught up after a very busy month. I’d appreciate it, if you could check on it for me. Thanks so much!

    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      Hi Mara! I have your order and it should ship this week. I apologize for the site not sending you emails, I keep submitting tickets to WooCommerce, but nobody gets back to me.

      1. Mara Koch says:

        Thanks so much! I just received your shipping notice as well. Woohoo! Can’t wait to try your products.

  24. Frances C says:

    Hi Dr Jen
    I have been using your products for 5 years now I just love what all your products have done for my looks. The products are so amazing that others comment on how young I look . So thank you so much I really have no wrinkles now I am going on 67 . My feet feel and look wonderful too. So thank you for that too. And thank you for all the free and extra products you always send me. You are amazing.

  25. Nature bloom says:

    Thanks so much! I just received your shipping notice as well. I Can’t wait to try your products.

  26. Regina Cosio says:

    Hello! I was not able to find your Spackle foundation sticks on the website. Do you still sell them? They work so well and the classic ivory is a perfect match.

    1. Jen Dietrich says:

      No, they have been discontinued. It was nearly impossible to get pigments for them.

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