Hydro Bomb Lotion


Hydro-Bomb lotion is here! This lotion is made to kick dry skin to the curb-it has some serious moisturization chops. Formulated to prevent trans-epidermal water loss, this lotion is a heavyweight. Available in 8 oz only (it’s too thick for any other container). Don’t let winter dryness win! Get some Hydro-Bomb lotion today!

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scented, fragrance free


  1. Jill Keiser

    Having Lupus for over 35 year my skin looked like an alligator & it was painful! I had to dry loofah before bathing then exfoliate during my bath & still had dead skin rolling off me while I dried off. Using both the hydro-bomb lotion daily & the butter right after bathing for several days in a row brought my skin back to normal.
    After a lifetime of acne & then seeing them turn to whiteheads as I aged was very frustrating & it hurt to remove them too. I looked in the mirror & I saw once I used this product day by day I reduced my whiteheads & now they have been banished & haven’t returned! Miracles do & did happen for me! Value for value for my money? PRICELESS!

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