Oil Control Starter Kit


Oily skin? No problem! We’ve got you covered with our Oil Control Starter Set! Most oil control options on the market today are the nuclear option, which very few people need. Actives like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and AHAs can strip your skin of it’s natural oils, which causes your oil glands to go into overdrive, making you MORE oily. At Xerion, our products are gentle and mild, but pack a powerful oil control punch. The starter set includes a 2 oz. Calming Cleanser, a 2 oz. Five Fruit Cleanser, your choice of toner, and our Mattifying Serum.

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Additional information

Five Fruit

Scented, Unscented

Calming Cleanser

Scented, Unscented


Orange Blossom, Rosewater, Green Tea

Mattifying Serum

Scented, Unscented


  1. Sylvia (verified owner)

    This cleared up my stubborn chin acne (and the accompanying flakey skin) in about three weeks, and smells fantastic (quite fruity, imagine that) without any changes to my makeup routine. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking to battle some oily skin.

  2. Tania (verified owner)

    This has helped my skin a lot since I got this for my oily, acne prone skin with small pores. I have had a very hard time finding anything that doesn’t make my skin angry, and this has done the trick. I would highly recommend to anyone with oily or acne prone skin to try this set.

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