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Is there anything cuter than tiny sizes of your favorite skincare items? NO. Just in time for the holidays, we're offering sample sizes of all of our starter sets! Now you can get wee versions of all your favorites, for a fraction of the price! These make great gifts for everyone on your list. Plus, they are just SO CUTE. The New 20 Sample Size Starter Kit includes a tiny New 20 face wash, eye cream and night cream; plus a tiny Time Rewind Serum and a tiny Rose Toner. The Skin Zen Sample Size Starter Kit includes a tiny Skin Zen cleanser, eye cream and night cream; plus a tiny Green Tea Toner and a tiny Skin Zen Serum. The Oil Control Sample Size Starter Kit includes a tiny Calming Cleanser, a tiny Five Fruit Cleanser, a tiny No Baggage Eye Gel, and a tiny Mattifying Serum.


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New 20, Skin Zen, Oil Control


scented, fragrance free


  1. aftermidnightcabaret

    Well, if you are going to try this kit expect to get hooked. I was a Pinterest jockey who started making their own facial product only to have my face catch on fire after a year of that mess. Oops! Dr Jen to the rescue! My chin is smooth, my skin looks better than it ever has and I am never buying skin products anywhere else. 🙂

  2. Randi Johnson (verified owner)

    I have tried many full sized products from other places and waisted a lot of money. These sample kits are great to see if the products will work for your skin. I purchased the New 20 sample kit and couldn’t be happier! The face wash is kinda like a lotion texture and doesn’t suds up, but it does clean your face and leave it feeling moisturized. The serum is moisurizing and makes your skin feel soft. The eye cream is also moisturizing and a little goes a long way. The night cream is creamy and doesn’t leave your face oily in the morning even though it is very moisturizing. All of the items smell great and you will definitely be hooked!

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